Ehashi Photography


Viewing the world through the optical EYE


The desire to capture the world, its circumstance; to detail and depict the essence of a moment through reflection of an image captured by the EYE of an optical lens has always been second nature to the man who thrives on living behind the images.

Celebrating the human body has been a focus for Hashi, though not one to stagnate he wonders off to capture from the controversial to the mundane, bringing images to life to a point where it threatens to jump out at you.


As a young inquisitive boy he spent his childhood years fighting off the adults in his family in an attempt to grab the camera and take family photos. Never one to back down, people saw the drastic changes in his pictures he took and in no time he was in charge of all friend and familiesí celebratory images.

His mother saw an aspiring photographer in her son and immediately bought him a professional camera when he was 15 years old.

He snapped away at any and everything from dirt and rubble to animals, people and food.

Self-taught, as he became a young man he continued exploring, traveling to Scotland and Ireland to capture the countryside and its tranquility and later became fascinated by the colorful firework sprawling in the skies nationally and internationally.



To capture a moment, an intense or memorable moment through a lens is to capture an emotion in time; is a talent only a few gifted geniuses are blessed with.

Creatively, never one to conform, he constantly seeks to photograph all kinds of people finding beauty in their realness and uniqueness.

His focal point of interest are human beings all kinds of people, from models to ordinary man on the street, no one is not interesting enough to put in his array catalogue of art work.


Driving to improve his craft he seeks new and interesting ways to capture people.

Pushing his own boundaries to capture an element of personality thread within his subject that no one else can extract and does it so with ease.


From dramatic to comical, intense to humorous Hashi is simply the photographic photographer

Ernest Hashi Diaz